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Hire Terms and conditions

1. Definitions

1.1. “the Contract” is this document, a signed copy of which shall be held on file by College Street for all Customers, completed on establishment of a new relationship with a Customer.

1.1. “College Street” is College Street Technical Services CIC.

1.2. “the Equipment” is the goods, components and other terms hired by College Street or any part thereof.

1.3. “the Services” are any services, not defined as Equipment, provided by College Street to Customers.

1.3. “the Customer” is the person, firm or public body hiring the Equipment. Any person purporting to act on behalf of the Customer shall be bound by the Contract.

1.4. “Consequential Loss” shall mean loss of profits, contract or any other consequential loss whatsoever.

1.5. “the hire period” is the period over which the Equipment or Services shall be available to the Customer as set out in the booking details.

1.6. “the Hire” shall refer to the provision of Equipment or Services.


2. Hire Terms

2.1. All provision of Equipment or Services must be confirmed in writing prior to delivery or collection of Equipment, or prior to provision of Services.

2.2. Unless other terms are agreed or specified in advance of the hire or Service period, payment for Equipment and Services provided to established Customers must be received within a period of 30 (thirty) calendar days following the invoice date. Invoices are sent as soon as possible following the return of Equipment or the conclusion of Services.

2.3. Unless other terms are agreed or specified in advance of the hire or Service period, payment for Equipment and Services provided to new Customers must be received prior to the provision of any Equipment or Services. An invoice will be sent as soon as possible following confirmation being made. Payment should be made in full prior to the provision of any Equipment or Services.

2.4. Unless otherwise agreed prior to provision of Equipment or Services, payment should be made in 1 (one) complete payment, by authorised bank transfer to the details provided in the invoice, quoting the invoice reference number.

2.5. If the hire is cancelled, College Street reserves the right to charge the Customer the full cost of any expenses incurred by College Street in connection with the hire.

2.6. If a booked Hire is cancelled within 30 (thirty) days of the booked date, College Street reserves the right to charge 50% (fifty) of the cost of the booking. If a booked Hire is cancelled within 7 (seven) days of the booked date, College Street reserves the right to charge the full cost of the booking.

2.7. College Street reserves the right to obtain a deposit from the Customer prior to the Hire. The Customer will be informed if this is required upon booking.

2.8. Any quote for provision of Services that is calculated as an hourly rate, shall be considered a quote only, and the invoiced amount will be for the hours worked.

2.9. College Street’s liability for any defect in the equipment shall be limited to and in no case exceed:-

(a) any manufacturer’s warranty sold with the equipment; or if there shall be none

(b) replacement or repair of the defective equipment; or

(c) at College Street’s option a refund of the price.

2.10. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall make College Street liable for any consequential loss to the Customer including any expense liability loss claim or proceeding whatsoever caused by or arising out of the late delivery non delivery unsuitability incompatibility or unlawful repossession of the Equipment or any part thereof or any breakdown or stoppage of the same.

2.11. A charge will be made for equipment returned late by the Customer. This charge shall be the greater of either the full daily hire rate of the equipment hired or the cost to College Street of hiring equipment from third parties to cover other hire contracts.

2.12. College Street reserves the right to charge for over running of any event. This charge will be the equivalent of the daily hire rate of the equipment.

2.13. The Customer agrees to pay College Street the full cost of any Equipment lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

2.14. The Customer shall be liable for the cost of making good any damage caused to the Equipment during the hire period by whatever means unless that damage is proven to be directly caused by College Street.

2.15. The Customer assumes all responsibility for the correct use care and storage of the Equipment once it has been collected from the premises of College Street or delivered to the Customer by College Street.

2.16. The Equipment is not insured whilst hired unless accompanied by College Street. Any customer hiring Equipment must provide proof of insurance prior to delivery/collection. With prior agreement, and for an additional charge, College Street can insure the equipment for the duration of the hire.

2.17. Where the Equipment is not installed and operated by College Street the Customer must ensure that the Equipment is installed and operated by a competent person.

2.18. College Street cannot guarantee that the Equipment will be able to playback material from any kind of recording media unless this has been specifically agreed in advance of the hire period.

2.19. Clients are responsible for ensuring that all media provided for playback is correctly licensed. Please note, for example, that Spotify's and YouTube’s terms and conditions do not permit use for public performance.

2.20. All cables are supplied coiled and cable tied and the Customer must return them in a similar fashion. If this is not done, College Street reserves the right to charge a £0.50 per cable charge to the Customer.

2.21. The Customer undertakes to maintain the Equipment in a clean and serviceable state for the duration of the hire period.

2.22. Any equipment fault or damage must be reported to College Street immediately on discovery.

2.23. The Customer shall not attempt to repair the Equipment without prior authorisation from College Street.

2.24. College Street assumes responsibility for lamps that fail under normal working conditions provided that all failed lamps are returned for inspection. In the event that the failed lamp is not returned to College Street the Customer shall be charged the full cost of replacement.

2.25. Whilst every effort is made to supply equipment for hire as ordered College Street reserves the right to substitute similar equipment without notice to the Customer.

2.26. Equipment is supplied for the Customer’s use only. Equipment must not be sub-hired leased loaned or otherwise disposed of to a third party without written authorisation from College Street.

2.27. College Street reserves the right to refuse any person(s) hire of equipment without explanation.

2.28. College Street are an equal opportunities organisation, and have zero tolerance for any discrimination, abuse, bullying, or other inappropriate behaviour. College Street reserve the right to terminate their services with immediate effect if their staff encounter any of the above behaviour.


3. Data Retention

3.1. College Street are a registered organisation with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

3.2. All data is held in line with GDPR regulations, and for the purpose of financial record keeping. All customer data is retained for a period of 7 (seven) years.

3.3. All data that College Street hold regarding Customers is held in line with guidance provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

3.4. Customers have a right to request a copy of all data that is held by College Street, in line with Subject Access Request guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office. College Street has a duty to respond to a Subject Access Request within 1 (one) month, or within 3 (three) months if the request is complex.

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