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mission statement

Our mission

At College Street Technical Services CIC, we are dedicated to bringing communities together through the power of live events.

Enriching Communities: Our mission is to enrich and empower communities by creating memorable and transformative live events. We believe that when people come together, magic happens, and we strive to be the catalyst for these unforgettable moments.


Exceptional Productions: We are committed to delivering exceptional production quality that exceeds expectations. Whether it's a community-led project, a cultural celebration, or a special event, we bring creativity, expertise, and innovation to every production.


Nottingham's Heartbeat: Nestled in the heart of Nottingham, we proudly serve as the beating heart of the city's cultural tapestry. We embrace our role as a community-driven organisation, working hand-in-hand with local talent, businesses, and organisations to amplify Nottingham's vibrant spirit.


Inclusivity and Accessibility: We champion inclusivity and accessibility in every event we create. We ensure that our projects are welcoming and accessible to all, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our diverse community.


Sustainability: Committed to our community and the planet, we integrate sustainable practices into our productions. We strive to reduce our environmental impact and promote eco-friendly choices in all aspects of our work.


Innovation and Inspiration: We constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in live event production. Through innovation and inspiration, we aim to leave a lasting impact on our community, fostering creativity and a passion for culture.


Empowering Talent: We nurture and empower local talent, providing opportunities for artists, technicians, and creators to showcase their skills and contribute to the cultural richness of our city.


Legacy of Joy: Ultimately, our mission is to leave a legacy of joy, unity, and inspiration. We measure our success by the smiles on faces, the connections formed, and the positive impact we make in Nottingham and beyond.


Our Commitment


We commit ourselves wholeheartedly to our mission, knowing that every event we produce is an opportunity to create positive change, strengthen bonds, and celebrate the diversity and creativity that make our community so special.


This mission statement reflects College Street Technical Services CIC's dedication to community-led projects and events while highlighting its commitment to excellence, inclusivity, sustainability, and the vibrant culture of Nottingham.

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