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Lighting - Control

Avolites Pearl Tiger

The Pearl Tiger is a powerful, streamlined 10 roller playback version of Avo’s famous and most popular ’live’ lighting console.

ETC Congo Jr (Cobalt)

Direct access in a small package

ETC EOS Fader Wing

The compact Eos Fader Wings offer flexible playback options for your Eos family console – at an economical price.

ETC EOS Nomad Puck (1024)

All the advantages of PC control. None of the risk.

ETC EOS Programming Wing

Professional programming – on the go

ETC Nomad + Gadget II (1024)

Unlock Eos on your PC or Mac

Strand 520i

Compact version of the powerful 500 series consoles.

Strand 530i

Lighting control console with flexibility of user selectable channel capacity, operating style and application programs.

Zero88 Jester 48

The Jester lighting desk is a compact user-friendly memory desk that records channel levels and provides both theatre style sequential memory access and submaster style access.

Zero88 Juggler

Juggler is a manual lighting control desk.

cmd_key - eos

USB Surface for ETC eos nomad

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