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AKG C1000

The Swiss Army Knife of microphones

AKG C414

The AKG C414 XLII Condenser Microphone is a world class microphone for studio recording, broadcasts and live performances, offering nine selectable polar patterns to ensure perfect sonic performance in any application.

AKG C747

The C747 V11 is a professional shotgun condenser capsule with a flat frequency response and a clean off-axis response. Due to its brilliant sound reproduction, it is perfect for guitar, piano, drum and overhead recordings. Thanks to its inconspicuous appearance, it is also widely used as a speech and lectern microphone.

AKG D112

The C747 V11 features an integrated RFi shield to block out unwanted interference from mobile phones, wireless microphones and other wireless devices. The C747 V11 ships with an extensive accessory set including a shock mount adapter, mini-gooseneck, stand adapter, mounting clamp, thread link and windscreen.


Available with: CK91, CK92, CK93, CK94 capsules

Sennheiser G3 (GB/E) - Handheld

Handheld Wireless microphone, available on E band and GB band.

Sennheiser G3 (GB/E) - Headset

Belt Pack Wireless microphone, available on E band and GB band.

Sennheiser e602

Cardioid instrument microphone especially suitable for use with bass drums, bass guitar cabs and tubas. Solid, lightweight, and easy to position. For studios, clubs, rehearsal rooms, smaller gigs, or for home recording.

Sennheiser e604

Compact dynamic cardioid instrument microphone that is compatible with toms, snares, and percussion. Clips-on quickly and easily wherever you choose.

Sennheiser e609

Super-cardioid silver instrument mic designed for guitar cabs face-on and extremely close to the source. Also suitable for drums, especially toms.

Shure Beta 58A

BETA® 58A Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Shure Beta 91A

Kick Drum Microphone

Shure SM57

Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Shure SM58

Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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